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What Will You Learn

Detailed Job Awareness

It is important for a flight attendant to understand all about the job duties, salaries, responsibilities and lifestyle of a flight attendant. While this job is not for everyone, the rewards are great. We tell you what to expect in training, the downside of the job as well as the perks such as flight benefits and profit sharing.

Airline Abbreviations and Definitions

Flight attendant training can be like learning another language, but after learning the aviation terminology and abbreviations that all flight attendants need to know no matter what airline they work for, you will be much more knowledgeable about the industry and greatly increase your chances of success in flight attendant training.

Federal Aviation Regulations (F.A.R.’s)

Become familiar with rules all flight attendants must know well, and are standard to the industry. This section is the backbone of the flight attendant job and is a must for applicants new to the industry.

24-Hour Clock (Military Time) and Time Calculation

All flight attendants must be proficient in military time to the point that it is automatic. Calculating and understanding military time doesn’t have to be difficult; we teach you the easy way to learn military time and calculation, which is imperative for keeping track of your flight hours.

60 Predominant City Codes

Airlines typically give you many city codes to learn in a very limited period of time. The city codes for the most common destinations, both domestic and international, are taught in our program. The airline you work for will more than likely use many of these city codes, so by already knowing them when you go in, you will have a heads-up on the memorization process.

Decompression & First Aid

Decompressions and medical emergencies are among the most serious situations a flight attendant can encounter. We will give you insight on first aid procedures for the most common inflight injuries and illnesses and emergencies.

Safety Demos

All flight attendants must demonstrate the location and operation of safety equipment during each and every flight. You will have a chance to practice oxygen mask, safety card, seat belt and life vest demonstrations in class and learn the proper forms of presenting the information.

Comprehensive Customer Service Proficiency

As experienced flight attendants, we strive to increase the applicant’s awareness of customer service skills through the use of role-playing techniques. The flight attendant is the front line for the company’s corporate image and the reason many people return for repeat business. This issue is finally being given the important attention it demands in today’s aviation venue!

Food and Beverage Service

Learn the basics of serving food and drinks on the flight and how to set-up a beverage cart.

Aggression Management

We show techniques to help you to cope effectively with difficult customers and situations you may encounter in-flight, how to diffuse anger and manage aggression and hostility.

A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

You will learn what it is like, from start to finish, to work a flight, what your actual duties will be and what is required of you in a typical workday.

Placement Assistance

As a successful candidate, you will have us work with you hand-in-hand to refer you to airlines; we will contact them for you and help you to set-up your interviews, giving the airlines a glowing recommendation. Give us a chance to help you “take-off” with your career!