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Can I sign up with a school and learn to become a Flight Attendant right away?

Absolutely not! Anyone who tells you that you can sign up with their school and learn to be a Flight Attendant obviously doesn’t know the industry!  That is NOT how it works. Everyone who goes to work for an airline starts at the bottom in seniority and works their way up in seniority.  Only the airlines can give you their special training to teach you how fly as one of their Flight Attendants.

Don’t Let Anyone Dash Your Dreams!

It has recently come to our attention that people who may be interested in becoming flight attendants are being discouraged by well-meaning friends or family members, from pursuing a flight attendant career.  If you let someone dash your hopes, you may not have the passion required for the job after all.  And usually those who want to destroy your dreams, don’t have any dreams of their own!

There are also flight attendants out there that will tell you that you don’t need a class to get you into the airlines.  Keep in mind that the competition has gotten much tougher now; a few years ago, airlines would hire about 10% of all who applied – now it is only 3 to 5%, and the failure rate in training is over 30 per cent!  If you get invited to training and don’t succeed, you are back where you started.

If you are turned down by an airline, you will need to wait 6 months to a year to re-apply with that company, so it’s important to get it right the first time – do you really want to take a chance on going to an interview without preparation?

What Salary does a Flight Attendant Make?

Flight attendant salaries can vary from airline to airline; national and major airlines usually have a higher pay scale than regional carriers.  You can expect to earn anywhere from Rm3500/- to Rm11.000/- Basic salary include allowance. There are other things, too, that can get you more pay, including flying senior or lead flight attendant, international flying and simply working more hours.

While you must earn enough to make a living, working as a flight attendant is not something you do for the money – you do it for the adventure! As time goes on and your seniority increases, you may even be able to fly less and still earn a full-time salary.  And with all the free travel you will benefit from, it’s as though you are making more money because you don’t have to spend as much for traveling as you normally would.

Can you Guarantee Me a Job?

Do not get involved in any program where you are told there is a guarantee for employment.  If someone tells you this, they are obviously running a scam and cannot help you; there is positively no way anyone can determine how you will perform in an interview, no matter how much information you get. But we come as close as anyone can in guaranteeing success.  We give you the tools you need to succeed, so it’s up to you as to how determined you are to do what is necessary to achieve your goals.  You MUST study and you MUST practice the suggestions we give you, and you MUST pursue applying to airlines and going to your interviews.  It is also necessary that you have very good command of the English language also, due to the fact that airline terminology is very technical.

What is the Maximum Age to Become a Flight Attendant?

Airlines have found that mature candidates generally possess a good work ethic and are very reliable.  There age limit for flight attendant applicants is 35years old in Malaysia.  As long as you are physically able to effectively perform the duties of a flight attendant, you are eligible for hire. We have had many students who have been hired that are in their 27’s and 28’s.  Airlines know that the life experience “seasoned” individuals bring to the job enables them to handle difficult situations and that they generally have a good work ethic, are very reliable and stable!

What is the Age Minimum to Take This Course?

The minimum age requirement for a flight attendant is 18, but if you are 17 you may also join our course because after you finish our course you may turn to 18 year old.

What makes this program different from other training programs?

The things that set us apart from all the others include:

  • Meeting with you personally so we can accurately evaluate what you need to do in order to succeed.
  • The ability to contact us at any time during office hours to speak with one of our highly skilled instructors.
  • All of our instructors have previous flight attendant experience and also have a background in flight attendant recruiting.

Nothing compares to the hands-on treatment you will receive at Essential Advisory Company.  We take exceptional care to give the very best customer service and attention to our students with attention to detail and support.

What is your location?

Our classes are held in Essential Advisory Company Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia. We feel that classes are much more effective than online courses, because we can work with you in person and are also able to make a referral for you, to airlines.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Job?

Usually when airlines are interviewing they are able to offer applicants a position in a relatively short period of time, with provision for you to give 1 month notice at your present job. Hiring procedures differ throughout the industry – some airlines only hire on certain days of each month, and some airlines are backlogged with applicants and it may take several months to schedule you for an interview.  Your flexibility in choice of airlines will also expedite the process – if you have your heart set on working for a certain airline and they don’t happen to be hiring right now, you may have to wait for awhile until they resume hiring.  But if you are flexible, you will have more options open to you.

What If I Don’t Pass Your Test?

Our students are required to make a 90% or above to pass the test.  Airlines typically require at least 80%, and some require 90%, so our standards are set so that you can achieve a high level of success in airline training. Our intentions are to build, empower and give confidence. We want you to succeed, so if you do not pass our test the first time, we work with you until we are sure you understand and we retest you on the last day of class.  If you need an additional try at the testing, you can go to your local library and the staff there will proctor you for a re-test.  It is rare that a student has a great deal of difficulty, but if that should happen, we can schedule you to repeat the class at a later time.  The charge for a repeat or refresher class is only Rm 250/-  for any former student.